Essay on My Experience At High School

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Everyone has that one person that has impacted them in more ways than one during high school, whether it be a teacher, parent, family member or even a student. Rayven was a five-foot tall, Native American girl with a spicy attitude. She had the darkest hair and the deepest blue eyes you could imagine, and she could warm a room the second she flashed her gorgeous smile. There was no such thing as a bad day to her because “every day above ground is a good day,” as she would always say. I had just entered the halls of Mulvane High School as a freshman. Everything looked and smelt brand new to me. I could feel the excitement and nervousness pulsing throughout my body. I had my good friends by my side and it was the start of a new and anticipated journey for the next four years of my life. My second hour class happened to be Spanish which seemed intriguing but challenging. As I sat down I heard a loud voice echo through the hallway. As I turned to look Rayven, a new yet bright face, had walked in as confident as a dog with a new haircut. She proudly took a seat at the table across from me and kindly introduced herself. As time started to pass, Rayven and I became incredibly close. Eventually, we had both switched to different schools but we still kept in touch.
Going to school in Udall had been the most life changing experience I had encountered so far. At this time, I was a junior in high school and just thriving with life. I felt relieved that I was getting a fresh start.…

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