My Experience At Broadway Elementary School Essay

796 Words Sep 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Education has always sought to be the one thing that could make everyone equal, the one thing that would allow everyone to strive on a level playing field. Society on the other hand has restricted education in reaching that potential, for it has separated people based upon their circumstances and rarely finds the solution to ensure that everyone has the equal opportunity to learn. From my observations and collection of data I have come to realize that schools may have the appropriate programs, but do not always have the perfect method of executing such ideas. During my time at Broadway Elementary School in Conroe I learned that the teachers do not always have the skills to handle certain situations. For example I had the chance to observe a kindergarten classroom that had three special needs children, and the teacher did not seem to have the capability to handle all three of them at once. She continuously talked to me about how the three of them being together should not have happened and that the school was trying to find another teacher to help her everyday with them. The issue with that though comes from the fact that Broadway does not have a special education program and only four teachers with a special education degree for the fifty-one diagnosed special needs students. With the teacher to student ratio being ten to one the ability to have a co-teacher available to assist the students in multiple classrooms seems highly unlikely. The teacher I observed tried her best…

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