My Experience As A Student Essay examples

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A less comfortable path to explore is my weaknesses, yet I will press on. As silly as it may seem to an external eye, one of my major weaknesses in the first few weeks was that I doubted myself, the extent of my knowledge, and my ability to help my students. I felt somewhat out of place in my tutoring sessions considering the proximity in age and my lack of experience in tutoring reading comprehension and literacy skills. Within a few weeks, I realized that I had an academic knowledge base, coupled with a few years of college experience, that I could employ to communicate to my students the importance and reality of the work we do for their EN 103 class. I was able to use my experience as a student, previous and current, to understand how they felt and thought and then to validate their feelings through sharing my similar struggles in the relatable perspective of another student (MacDonald, 2000, p.12). Nevertheless, I still do worry about, and struggle with, the idea that I do not have enough content awareness to be a knowledgeable, effective educator. Another weakness or struggle I faced, at least with most of my students, was time management. I felt like I was letting my students down when we did not complete all of the tasks in our lesson plan for that day. Even when I tried to budget our time, use a stopwatch to keep track of the amount of time left, and refrain from adding extra detail to try to save time, there just never seemed to be enough time left. As the semester…

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