My Educational Philosophy Of Classroom Learnings Essay

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My educational philosophy is rooted in the idea that students learn from doing while using tangible, real-life materials and experiences, and should be engaged in opportunities to experiment and question the world around them. Classroom learnings are complimented with thought out educational field trips to deepen the students’ connections. Additionally, we recognize the importance of family time, thus at home activities replaced the traditional homework ditto sheets and are simply an extension of the classroom experience. We welcome diverse learners and as we enter the classrooms, it will be evident that the interdisciplinary thematic units are planned with the child at the center of the web. You will see evidence of learning through the hands-on and inquiry based experiences. Teachers are mindful of the children’s prior knowledge and varied abilities and thus consider Gardner’s multiple intelligences when planning and delivering instruction. Each table seats 6-8 students and are arranged this way to encourage face-to-face conversations, exchanging of ideas and problem-solving. There is a rug area where the students gather regularly either with the teacher or with each other to negotiate ideas. The authentic student work displayed is celebrated for the process and it’s a reflection of the different stages of development.
Students need to have access to the most advanced technological equipment available today and for this reason each room is equipped with a Smart…

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