Essay about My Educational Journey : My Education Journey

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My Educational Journey My educational journey has had good and challenging experiences. For the most part, my educational journey was positive. I only have a few memories that have been challenging at times. One of the most memorable experience that I had was having perfect attendance. Who would have thought at my age that I could look back and appreciate all my experience? As I look back at one of my good experience in my life, I would go back to my 6th grade year where I had the privilege of having both teachers, Mr. & Mrs. Redfield. They both had always supported my education and push me to do my best. They were like my fans on the sideline cheering me on every year I received a trophy or place for perfect attendance. I always felt so special and encouraged by them both. Mr. Redfield was my History and English teacher. Mrs. Redfield was my Math and Science teacher and they made learning fun. Back then, I didn’t think it would affect as it does when I think back on it. I always had difficulty understanding certain things and I hate to say it but it was in my English class. Mr. Redfield would be very welcoming to answering any of my questions that I had as an assignment and he would write little notes of encouragement, knowing that I didn’t feel very convent in English. Mr. Redfield always would tell that “practice makes perfect”. So here I am back in college trying to find the love and appreciation for English. Reading and writing have not been my strongest subject in…

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