My Eco-Map Analysis

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Making an eco-map shed insight on how I interact with the relationships of my family, friend groups, and coworkers. The map has made me reevaluate the types of my relationships and if they exhibited healthy signs. The ecological context, for which I have based my eco-map, is my current context at College of the Ozarks. I understand I had a distinctly different context when living with my parents, and different still, from the context when all of my siblings live in my parent’s home. I leave a caveat here denoting that I am not sharing the spiritual aspect, which is an important facture, in either the map or this article.
The ecological context for which I have based the eco-map, is my current context at College of the Ozarks. I understand
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The circle at the center of the eco-map, myself, will be referred to as the foci. When looking at the diagram, there is a larger, incomplete circle around the foci. For the purpose of this paper, this circle is what I am going to call a firewall. The circle is an emotional firewall I have in place to keep peoples’ relationships with me at a distance. Where the circle is broken into different levels explains where I have placed the firewall with that person. One might call me a rigid person if looking at the diagram, although in person I am happy and outgoing. The firewall, unfortunately, blocks the relationship from progressing any farther with a person when the relationship becomes deeper than a Causal …show more content…
The relationship with my maternal grandmother, affectionately called Mama Niece and a loving person, is an energy-depleting relationship. We are close because I lived in her home for eight year. Even though we had a big role in each other lives, I feel as if I had to support the relationship. Our relationship is Casual. The relationship with my dad is energy-depleting because I have to pretend he is Trusted or Helpful when I have placed him at Firewall. The relationship with Mark becomes depleting if we are communicating for long periods. In short bursts of time, however, the energy level can maintain at

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