My Diet And Fitness Plan

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I will plan and execute a diet and fitness plan for three days. I will also evaluate health reports according to my diet and fitness plan. I will compare my previous diet and fitness on super tracker to my current one. I will discuss the reason for my fitness and diet plan.

Realistic Goals:
Diet: No fast food, eliminating fried foods, No snack junk food, cutting down on soda intake
Fitness: Beginner level to work on target areas: core, lower back, arms, legs, buttocks and lower extremities.
Motivation: To adapt to a healthier lifestyle
Achievability: Yes
Reward: New mentality, stress reducer, healthier lifestyle and a healthier
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Current Weight: 170 pounds
Ideal Weight: 130 pounds

Diet Plan:
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Reason for my fitness plan:
I choose the exercises based upon what body parts currently are suffering or an insecurity of mine. My lower back and shoulders are stiff and achy. I do not like my spare tire of a stomach. On windy days, I feel my under arms flapping away. After I researched what different exercises do I made my own exercise regime.

Diet Plan:
Since eliminating pop and candy out of my diet. Fruits seem to taste too sweet for me. There are a few staples I have that I could not eliminate like coffee and mayo. I am impressed with my self on being able to buy staple foods and not unhealthy snack foods. The last three times I have gone grocery shopping I have not bought any junk food.
Meal for 3 days Fruits Vegetables Grains Protein Dairy
Breakfast toast Turkey bacon
Lunch Crackers
Tortilla chips Hard boil Egg
Turkey Breast mayo
Dinner salad Shred cheese
Snack water

Reason for Diet
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It is recommended that you exercise for 60 minutes a day. I exercise for around 30 minutes a day.
What would I need to improve and change in order to increase physical fitness over the next three months?
I personally needed accountability. The only way I will meet the 60 minutes a day is if I join a gym class that is 60 minutes long. Otherwise it is hard for me to stay focus from beginning to end.
What is a good goal for physical fitness for me?
To be honest and realistic in what I want to achieve. I need to start out small exercise for 30 minutes a day for a month. Then exercise for 45 minutes a day for a month. Then be able to reach 60 minutes a day and not quit.
What was the most important topic covered in this course?
Micro-nutrients. I learned what they are and the vital role they play in our life. My plate was an eye opening learning opportunity.
How will you incorporate information learned in this class into your life?
I already have. I have eliminated fast food, fried food, pop in moderation, no longer eating from vending machines and not eating past 7:45 pm. I now eat three main meals a day instead of one main meal. I still stress eat. I am no longer stress eating junk food. This was easy, I just quit buying it. I now ask myself am I hungry or just

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