Design Preference Survey Analysis

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On my design preference survey I scored a 58, which falls into the category for a preference for a mixture of mechanistic and organic characteristics. Comparing predictability and adaptability, I prefer predictability more, I like knowing that the next day will have the same overall structure as the day before. As for centralized or decentralized authority, I like having someone higher up than me that I can go to for help or advice. For rules and procedures, I like having a procedure, but I like to be able to do the procedure in my own way. I prefer narrow and wide spans of control because I like to know what I am doing and just be able to do it, without having to check in with someone all the time but also be able to ask them questions and get their option. Combining tasks and teams and tasks …show more content…
I find teams better because you get more input and opinions and mostly get the work done faster. For coordination I like a mixture of both, formal and personal. Big 5 personality Handout
Trait Range Midpoint Result
Openness to Experience 10-50 30 30
Conscientiousness 9-45 27 34
Extraversion 8-40 24 24
Agreeableness 9-45 27 39
Neuroticism 8-40 24 20

My openness to experience, I think, makes sense that my result is the same as the midpoint. I think that because I can come up with new ideas, am curious about different things, and I value artistic, aesthetic experiences. However, I am not a very deep thinker nor do I have an active imagination or am inventive. Also, while I value and like to experience art, I do not enjoy or am very good at creating it. The reverse of openness to experience I relate to the most is that I prefer work that is routine. For conscientiousness, I think it matches that I am above the midpoint because I am a very reliable

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