My Reflection Of My Leadership Model

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My Leadership Model

During the semester, we have covered and learned multiple levels of leadership and how each level has affected how people view a leader. The first level in leadership is an aggressive approach, and only focus on commands, power, and having the authority to get people to do what is necessary for the correct results even though there might be a better way of handling the situation or task. Level one leadership technique is basically forcing or scaring employees or teammates to do a certain job. Level one leaders use threats, manipulation, rewards, and incentives to have employees complete a job. Jumping to level two type leadership is where a leader might use more of a calculated approach rather than an authoritative approach.
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I truly believe that these three critical traits are the definition of a successful leader. When a manager cares for his or her employees, they will be motivated to work harder because they know that they will not be easily replaced and can concentrate on the task at hand rather than worrying about being replaced. I think that if a leader shows transparency then his or her employees will follow because the manager is not lying or keeping secrets from them. Lastly, I think that a manager should show that he or she is patient with the employees because many of them would be afraid of the leader if he or she fires someone for doing something wrong the first …show more content…
I personally believe that I have always been a patient person, so I truly believe that patience is a major element in my leadership model. Patience can change the course of the project without doing much because the team leader needs to be patient with his or her team because pushing the whole team will only cause more roadblocks in the project. Resourcefulness is a very important element in the leadership model because not everything can be found in books or notes. This component can really affect the results because if the team leader is not resourceful and cannot find out different ways of finding out key information then the project will suffer immensely. The manager or team leader needs to figure out different ways of finding the pertinent information so he or she can help the team find out other information by interviewing professionals or just personal

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