My Day I Was Truly Happy Essay

1229 Words Nov 27th, 2016 5 Pages
I woke up that day energized and ready to go right at 7 o 'clock. My excitement was beyond belief.That day I was truly happy. The only problem was I still had to go to class. That saddened me a small bit, but needless to say, I was still going to go about my day excited. After I finished my two-and-a-half hour biology lab, I was ready for a nice little nap. I realized that sleep and a lot of water and Gatorade were going to be crucial for my success. Upon waking up, I missed multiple messages from my teammates to meet in the locker room. I knew something was up, so I had to get out of bed and run quickly to the locker room. In the locker room, I noticed that everyone had their uniforms already in there. At this moment, my heart raced and pounded. I was feeling the excitement I once had on Christmas Day before I opened gifts. After passing up multiple people, I realized that my locker had all of my new gear too. My number forty-five jersey was looking fresh. It had that brand new car smell to it. It was just a great feeling to finally have it. Feeling excited, I quickly tried to put it on just for the fun of it. Unfortunately, there was a slight problem with the jersey. It was a little tighter than I had expected. You expect a jersey in football to have some tightness to them, but this was next level tight, almost unbearable. I went to speak with coach and ask why the jersey was fitting me like a second skin and was there a way to increase the size. Coach…

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