Essay on My Day At The Middle Of The Night

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Laying in bed, wide awake in the middle of the night; this was normal for a thirteen year old girl over Summer. My birthday had only past by a few days and I was still so excited about my gift, a cell phone; Every teens dream. Sending back messages seconds after receiving them from Jordan, my best friend. We did everything together from homework to mall trips, just like every cool thirteen year old. Texting about plans for the next day and joking, we should hang out that very second. Except the joke turned into a full blown plan.
It was around one in the morning and I slowly opened my bedroom door and tiptoed towards the living room, hoping to see no light. No light would mean my parents were asleep. But to my surprise light bounced off the walls and I could tell The t.v. was on. “Who would be up? “ I asked myself “It’s a work night?” so I sluggishly continued forward to hopefully glance a peek and see a sound asleep parent and luckily I did. But how would I get out; My mother was guarding the door by only a few feet, I didn’t know how to open a screen window, and the backdoor stairs broke a few months ahead after a rough thunderstorm. I started to panic, I wanted to do this! The back door was only a five foot and a few more inches than me drop. I slowly opened the back door and the adrenaline started to rush I thought to myself “This is so cool”, the next thing I know i’m standing in my backyard under the dim porchlight. But how was I going to close the door? Crap, I…

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