My Day At The End Of Every High School Year Essay

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At the end of every high school year there is always an evil, beastly force standing between the students and glorious summer break; the final exam. A final exam is supposed to test one’s knowledge of the information taught throughout the year. Having these two hour test stacked back to back can only lead to high levels of stress. Without going into details, I am not the most proactive student. I am basically the person who won’t start a project until the day before it’s due or will be up late at night doing homework because I decided that three hours of Netflix was what I needed after school. As you can imagine I procrastinated studying for these test almost to the point where I went into them with only a few hours of net review. I was able to use what I learned throughout the year and the minimal amount of studying I did to do fine on most my assessments. However, on the final day I had to face my two hardest tests, Geometry and Biology.
As I sat down the night before these test I first took a look at an online calculator that can tell you what you need to score on the final to either raise your letter grade or lower it. My results were mixed. I need to get an eighty in math to keep my grade which would be a challenge. However I only need to get a fifty four to keep my grade in science. Knowing this I decided that it would be a good idea to forget about science for the night and focus geometry. I had done well all year in biology so getting a fifty four percent was going…

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