My Culture Of The Hmong Education System Essay

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To grow up in two cultures, I was torn between the pressure and complex tension to find a position in society. I struggled to balance two cultures as I strived for success and along the way, I finally realized that it is a creative blessing to experience two cultures. Reevaluating my minority identity development, I at one point of life did not appreciate my culture and wished to fit in a culture that I considered to be a norm. My culture experiences have taken turns and taught me important aspects that complimented my knowledge of Hmong culture. I continued to have the ability to endorse my culture and learned to appreciate my culture with a whole new perspective. I am now a proud Hmong woman who is passionate and confident to share who I am, my culture and the knowledge of the Hmong education system. Lastly, to heighten my career in Social Work, I am grateful to grow up in two cultures, have bilingual skills and utilize my knowledge to help the community with needs.
Identity Background
Retracing back to my ethnic history, the Hmong people were a minority group originally originated in China and slowly spread to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Australia, and France. It has not been identified if the Hmong had its own country or if they were part of the Chinese lineage who had become a minority group of their own with its own language and culture. Also, it has been found Hmong last names consist of 18 clans are very similar to the Chinese last names. As…

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