My Crazy But Funny Literacy Experiences Essay

1879 Words Sep 18th, 2015 8 Pages
“My Crazy but Funny Literacy Experiences” In this literacy narrative I will give an in depth insight as to how I became literate. It will also show my earliest memory of becoming literate. It will tell the struggles that I faced as being a blocker and the obstacles that I faced with different literacy sponsors. It will also tell how I eventually came to respect the rules of literacy and writing. It shows the reader that every person has different and similar struggles when they start to become literate. And that becoming literate doesn 't only benefit them in English class. It helps in any thing in life. It’s about having the knowledge about the things going on around them. This narrative will overall show the reader no matter the hardships they face when reading and writing that in the end it will eventually pay off. Becoming literate has a different definition to everyone, every person has their own definition of literacy. This narrative take the reader on a journey as to how I became literate and my definition of literacy. The first memory I have of becoming literate, or learning to read and write, was when I was in kindergarten. I had this teacher named Ms. Morris and she taught me my alphabet, vowel sounds, months, colors, days of the week and how to count. Ms. Morris also taught me how to write in cursive. One thing that I didn’t notice back then that I now realize is that Ms. Morris would ask us…

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