Essay on My Core Group Of Best Friends

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My childhood was filled with positive and fun moments and unfortunately I was oblivious to the problems that I would eventually have to deal with. I disregarded the fact that people change and that they will leave my life. I lost my core group of best friends during my freshman year of high school. My family life also started to fall apart when my parents started to fight constantly. I felt utterly alone and scared for the future because I did not have anyone secure in my life to help me. I was going through my days just waiting for the next. Constantly thinking about the future or regretting about the past. I was surrounded by fakeness. Fake friends and fake happiness at home. My facade was a happy, outgoing 15 year old when really I had no true friends, no one to trust and I lost interest in a lot of what I was involved in my life. A year later, I started gaining back confidence when I was doing really well in school and when I met some new friends. These friends, that I am still friends with today, have shown me what true friends are like. They have been there for me like no one else has in my entire life. With supportive friends I started becoming more positive. But then my parents broke the news of their separation. I’m glad I had the support I did from my friends because it did not affect me as much as it would have if it happened a year before. I started to pay attention to the “last” of things. The last Christmas Eve dinner together, the last time all driving in the…

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