My Climb Everest Mount Everest Essay

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My Climb to Mount Everest
I used to believe that professional writers were instinctively good at writing. However, Professor Watson from the workload writing department showed me that like an athlete or a musician, a writer is not born with natural skills. It takes practice in order to maintain their well-developed writing skills. In other words, all writers have to start somewhere, and progress upwards. As a freshman, I took a workload writing course where Professor Watson helped me become aware of my weaknesses and shifted her style of teaching to motivate me to improve my writing. She specifically noticed my struggle with transitioning from a basic five paragraph essay structure into university level writing and forced me to go beyond that structure for my essays. Throughout my time in the course, Professor Watson helped me strengthen my thesis, have a structured format, focus deeper on the prompts, and provide more detail on my main topic.
When I received my first prompt for the course, I felt confident writing about the chosen essay prompt even though I struggled with basic rhetorical elements. In order to support my thesis, I used transition words, and brief examples followed by analysis. Once I received my paper back, I was overwhelmed by the colorful marks of both negative and positive commentary. At first, this prevented me from feeling motivated because I would continually become anxious when writing essays. After a while, I reviewed my writing and began to take…

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