My Careful Observations Of Friend Communication And Family Communication

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How we communicate constantly differs depending on who we are communicating with. The relationships we hold with others play surprisingly large roles when it comes to what we will or will not say and how we express our ideas and feelings. From my careful observations of friend communication and family communication, I can safely say that these two relationship types affect communication in very different ways. The first type of communication I observed was between friends, specifically between my friend Eric and me. In a nutshell, Eric was late to meet up with me at a coffee shop one day. In turn, I become frustrated after I made the assumption that Eric didn’t prioritize our meetup. When Eric did arrive at the coffee shop, I made a passive-aggressive comment about his tardiness. However, Eric then relayed to me his reason for being late, which was actually a fair excuse. I felt bad for making assumptions and being passive aggressive, but ultimately Eric laughed the comment off and we continued about our day, as normal. Eric and I are close friends who’ve known each other for many years. Through years of shared experiences with Eric, before the encounter at the coffee shop I was well aware that Eric had a bad habit of being tardy. Eric was often late for scheduled appointments, usually without good reason. This prior knowledge made it quite easy for me to make the assumption I did about Eric’s tardy behavior that particular day. Eric was able to forgive me so easily for a…

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