Police Assistant Career Goals

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Every child was asked what they want to become when they grow up. Throughout my life span, my answer would constantly change. At first, I wanted to become a dentist. Then I wanted to be a physician’s assistant. During my childhood, my sister and I would always play a game called “Doctor and nurse.” My sister would be the doctor and I would be the nurse. Our parents were the patients. I loved playing as a nurse because I got to interact with my parents more than my sister did. After taking the self assessment, I looked at my results and nursing popped up. I was extremely happy. Some of my previous career goals were also reported in the results. The careers that I decided on were registered nurse, police officer, physician, and physical therapists. …show more content…
They are the ones we go to for help or safety. Police officers respond to emergency and nonemergency calls, conduct traffic stop, issue citations, search for vehicle records and warrants, arrest suspects, collect/secure evidence from crime scenes, write concrete detailed reports, and prepare for cases to testify in court (BLS, 2015 b). Police officers work for local, state, or federal governments (BLS, 2015 b). Police officers are trained to be alert and react to any situation. Officers mostly work at accident and crime scenes. They are usually the ones who tell the family members that their loved one is deceased, which is extremely difficult for officers. To become a police officer, the individual must receive a high school diploma. Individuals have to option to either go to community college or universities that offer programs in criminal justice or law enforcement (BLS, 2015 b). The following step is to attend a training academy. The annual salary for a police officer is around $60,270 in May (BLS, 2015 b). The employment of police officers is estimated to increase 4 percent starting in 2014 to 2024. This is known to be slower than average occupations (BLS, 2015 b). There is a job opening as a park police officer (Government jobs, n.d.). This job offer is also a permanent …show more content…
Physicians are required to treat and diagnose injuries and illnesses. Physicians take patient’s medical histories, order tests for nurses or other healthcare staff to perform, review test results with patients, design treatment, and answer questions from patients (BLS, 2015 c). Most physicians own a private clinic with a small staff of nurses and administrative personnel (BLS, 2015 c). In order to become a physician, one must obtain a high school diploma. They must then earn their bachelor’s degree with no specific major. Most students prefer Biology or Chemistry as their major. Classes that are required are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and English (BLS, 2015 c). The following step is to complete the entrance exam called MCATs and obtain letters of recommendation. After, the student must apply for medical school and complete residency. The annual salary for a physician varies around $241,273 (BLS, 2015 c). Physician employments is estimated to increase 14 percent starting from 2014 to 2024 (BLS, 2015 c). University Medical Center Quickcare is offering a job opening for physicians. The pay is $200,000 base salary, with an additional $10,000 two year commitment bonus (Indeed,

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