My Career As A Teacher Essay

1736 Words Jul 8th, 2015 null Page
I have been working in the early childhood field for almost 10 years. I have worked my way up from teacher’s assistant to Director. I’ve loved working with children in the classroom. In fact I thought there was nothing better than being in my small Christian preschool, which was until I had to move for my husband’s work. During the year we were away, I worked a few different preschool jobs that helped enhance my skills as an educator but it wasn’t until we returned that I truly found God’s calling for my career. This essay is one step of my journey to finding my passion and my commitment to continue learning. I started my career at a small half-day preschool in my church as an assistant, while I worked on my associates’ degree. I soon found my love for teaching small children. They were empty vessels waiting to be filled with love and knowledge. After my first year at Faith Lutheran Preschool, the director asked me to become lead teacher. I was so excited for the chance to teach and make the curriculum my own. I worked hard to make this faith-based program grow and soon we found a need to make it full day and expand our classroom size. God gave me the opportunity to design my own classroom and program. After a year as lead teacher, I became the director of Faith Lutheran Preschool! I loved my job and looked forward to going every day. Faith Lutheran gave me the support and hands on learning I needed to succeed in early childhood. After 6 years working at Faith Lutheran, I…

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