My Career And My Educational Time Essay example

725 Words Mar 5th, 2016 3 Pages
In my experiences in my career and my educational time there has not been an opportunity for me to study or work abroad either because of my financial situation or because of my the natural of my professional career. That being said my first achieve would be from the experience of living overseas and interacting with a society that is different from the lifestyle of my raising. Much like the author of “Being Normal in my “Personal” Culture” from Chapter 9 in the text, Managing Cultural Differences. I have conformed to the culture around and have become normal in my everyday life. I have strived to accomplish the goals that “world” around me. Personally, I have been in this situation for long enough now that the need to push the “eject” button is becoming greater and the desire for experience different cultures is becoming a greater need. I’m particularly interested in experiencing different business cultures. Being a banker, there is an interest in experiencing the financial culture of different regions, such as Germany and Japan. Financial practices are pretty uniform across nations but how business people interact with each other is different. This leads to the need to understand a different communication process not only in spoken language but also appropriate gestures and customs. In my experience abroad, the growth in different communication styles would be a necessity. Currently, I’m not very educated in different languages aside from knowing a few words and…

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