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For assignment six, I am writing a research article for the Scientific Terrapin: A UMD Undergraduate Research Journal. My research article will be looking at study abroad and participant’s experiences at the University of Maryland.
The article will examine the relationship between student’s study abroad experiences and returning back to the United States. The affect on the student’s social and academic life will also be explored. Some things considered are location of study, length of stay, program, and participation in UMD clubs and organizations. The students of the University of Maryland are the participants of the study. Connections to articles about European and Latin American countries work experience will be made.
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The document can be easily reformatted for the Scientific Terrapin submission. For the document, I bolded the titles and used spacing for the sections to prevent overwhelming the reader. The visual representations towards the end of the document have been assigned a “Figure number” to be referenced during the results and discussion section. The graphs also have a brief description of what the graph shows for the reader to better comprehend the data.

In the assignment I broke the following sentence into two separate ones from the method section. “College is an important phase in an individual’s life in America and students work hard to finish their degrees.” The sentence uses and to connect two complete ideas that can be split into their own sentences.

In the introduction section of the assignment, I mentioned many other studies relevant to the current research. “From the article, “Europeans Work To Live and Americans Live To Work” Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn discusses the cross between economics and culture of Europeans and Americans.” In the selected text, I embedded the title, author of the study and the main purpose of the document in one sentence

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