My Birthday Of My Grandfather Essay

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“Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear dear grandpa, happy birthday to you..!” The atmosphere was filled with the voices of people, wishing happy birthday to my grandfather. It was an unforgettable memory for me and my family. What was so special about this birthday party of an old man who has seen and celebrated more birthdays than most of us have? The reason why it was so memorable was because there was this one point in his life where he could have left my family and this beautiful world. I still remembered that day of May when my grandfather was diagnosed with the heart failure. I didn 't know how to face my grandfather anymore because I knew that, the minute I will see my grandfather, I wont be able to control my emotions. Is this for real or am I dreaming? was the constant thought in my mind. Even though, I was aware about his chest pain and breathing problem, I had no idea that his heart was almost on the verge of not beating again. This news was a complete shock for me. However, his illness taught me to remain calm in difficult situations and to face it with strong determination and will power. His surgery and his battle for his life played an important role in teaching me some valuable life lessons. “Never lose hope”- this was his favorite phrase that he used to recite a lot. I remembered him saying that exact same phrase to me when I got really bad grades during my junior year in high school. I was losing hope and constantly thinking…

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