My Best Teacher Is Difficult For Me Essay example

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Throughout my educational career I have had several great teachers. To choose my best teacher is difficult for me since each teacher was for a different course and they had a unique personality and style of teaching. Overall, I would have to choose Mr. Poska as my best teacher (not necessarily my favorite teacher). I took AP Calculus I & II with him during my junior year of high school, then I took Calculus III with him in my senior fall semester. I also happened to have him as my junior and senior advisor during Connect. Connect is a 40 minute period allotted for students to work on their homework, get tutoring, or participate in a club. The students in each Connect classroom are composed of a random mixture of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.
Mr. Poska was my best teacher for numerous reasons. I believe that Mr. Poska was excellent primarily because of how well he engaged the students. For the most part, I do not recall myself or any classmates being bored during the lecture. While he was lecturing he would be funny by saying jokes or telling short stories. Most days in class Mr. Poska would say one of his signature quotes such as “Holla” or “Alright, okay,” which were some of the inside jokes for our class. In all three of the semesters that I had him, he would go on brief tangents during the class (similar to an intermission during a play), but he would always return back to the subject. His tangents seemed to waste some of the class time, but by the end the…

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