Analysis Of 'Never Say Anything A Kid Can Say !'

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The article “Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say!” was about a middle school math teacher that felt his so called traditional teaching methods were as effective in his class as he felt that they should be. He wanted his students to learn more than they currently were with the methods he was currently using. This was when Mr. Reinhart started his mission to find more interactive ways that would encourage his students to become more involved. With this method the students would also be held responsible for what they were learning. He didn’t make the changes all at once because as he pointed out if you do this then you might become frustrated and fail. His goal was to change 10% a year toward this new teaching method. With this small change in the …show more content…
This was a struggle he was dealing with within himself and wanted to change it and he did with a lot of work. He made a commitment not only to himself but to his students to change his teaching methods. With this he became a better math teacher by using a problem solving method. He found the problem within his teaching, made a plan, and improvised it into his teaching methods. He seen changes but not all at once it took him right at 5 years because he improvised the changes slowly each school year. Not only was he learning but his students were learning more in his class with his new found teaching method. With the new type of questions he used like the open ended ones helped the students learn how to solve problems for themselves. One great statement he said was “My definition of a good teacher has since changed from “one who explains things so well that students understand” to “one who gets students to explain things so well that they can be understood” (Reinhart 2000). This new approach got the students to thinking and participating in class more than they did before. In his article he tells us we should encourage the entire class to

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