My Best Friends Michael From The Marines Essay

2001 Words Sep 21st, 2016 9 Pages
It’s very easy to have the perfect intentions yet say the wrong thing. One of my best friends Michael from the Marines; whom I have known over twenty-five years; he’s one who has participated in many special occasion, made a strangely inappropriate comment approximately nineteen years ago that I remember to this day, and changed how some people viewed him. We were early in our Military careers and we were both sergeants; he white and I black. We were watching the controversial movie by Schumacher (1996) A Time to Kill; which featured a brutal raping and attempted murder of a young black girl by two racists. Her father murdering the perpetrators while they were in custody. In one of the concluding scene the defense attorney defending the father told the jury to close their eyes while he told the story of the rape, abuse and attempted murder of this young black girl; in a twist the scene climaxed when he told them to imagine the girl was white. Michael with all the right intentions yelled out and his exact words were, “Wow that made a difference, that shit was fucked up.” Michael meant no harm but his comment was very insensitive. Why did the little girl being white make a difference? As a result of that statement other blacks that were in the room felt he was a racist and they loss all respect and trust for him, even though he meant no harm. To Michaels defense, he has no training in cultural diversity, therefore the expectation for Michael will be quite different than…

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