My Best Friend Child That Is Like My Niece Essay

778 Words Sep 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout the 30 minutes I observed my best friends child that is like my niece. She is exactly 2 years old. She is secure and also insecure-resistant/ambivalent as well. It all depends on her mood or how she is feeling that day. Times when she is happy she is the secure attachment. It all depends on her mood, where she is, and whose she 's with. Most of the time she is the secure attachment. When she is in a bad mood or wants only 'mom ' she is in the insecure-resistant/ambivalent attachment. I observed her playing in the front room and outside. Inside she plays with her toys and will come up to me or her mom and give us toys, talk to us, or play by herself. When her mom leaves to the bathroom or goes outside to smoke she says “Where go?” or cries. She will sometimes stop crying and continue playing or will cry until her mom comes back from wherever she went. Outside she constantly wants to sit on her mom’s lap and be up in her face to see what’s on the phone. Her mom doesn’t allow that because she is smoking and also wants her space. When she tries to sit on her lap or be up in her face wanting her phone and her mom says “NO!” she sometimes hits, cries or throws a toy if there is one in her sight. She then later gets over it but repeats it every time her mom goes outside. When I’m there I try to keep her entertained so she’s not so clingy to her mom. I would classify the attachment using the Strange Technique by secure attachment. When a stranger is around like in the…

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