My Aunt From The Phone Located Outside Of Chet Essays

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In the morning I called my aunt from the phone located outside of Chet’s. “Aunt Claudia, it’s Jed,” I said. “How’s are you doing.” “Not so well. My friend’s address was nonexistent.” “Really?” “I event went to City Hall. There never was a street named Lakeview in Stow,” I said. “What are your plans,” she asked? “I guess I’ll come home.” “That’s a good idea but take your time. Seeing the country will relax you.” “I will. How are you feeling?” “I’m sore this morning. I must have wrenched my back.” “Don’t do anything strenuous. I’ll come over as soon as I return.” “Don’t hurry,” she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “I love you.” “Goodbye,” I said and hung up the phone. After I breakfast, I checked out and left for home. I was in no hurry, but I had nowhere to go. I wondered when I had lost hope and when I had decided my life had no meaning. I remembered one patrol in which our mission was to search and destroy the enemy. My platoon sergeant liked to say that the VC had missions like ours. They called them find and kill. As we walked the countryside, I thought that was what war was all about. One side looked for the other, and I felt weird as I looked for men to kill knowing at the same time the VC looked to find and kill me. To stop from thinking about war or the sixties, I searched the radio station until I found an oldies stations. Some guy was singing, “Hey, Mister Custer, I don’t want to go. There’s an Indian out there who’s waiting to take my hair.” I…

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