My Attitude In Charles Swindoll's Attitude To My Mother

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Charles Swindoll has made it very clear that attitude to him is more important than facts. To me attitude in life is really important. The way you react to things will define what happens next. Or so I like to believe that. No one can make someone do something they don 't want to do. I feel like that applies to feelings as well. With that being said we decide how to act upon something someone said or did. We can choose to get mad and hold a grudge or not let it get to us and move on.
Attitude… How many of us have it and let it be known? All of us right. My attitude towards my mother was never the best. Especially when I was younger because I always wanted her to play with me or spend time with me. Her response would always be i 'm tired right
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I 've lost track of all the people who have said they would always be there for me no matter the circumstances. I 've been lied to, i 've been stabbed in the back, i 've been taken for granted, and i 've been made a fool. Just to give a picture of what I mean. I’m going to talk about my once so called “Best Friend/sister” We were like peas in a pot unceprable . We did everything together. Long story short when she didn 't have a place to stay my casa was her casa until her mother decided she was no longer mad and it was time for her to come home. In that time being my clothes was her clothes and what I ate she ate. When she had issues going on in her life I was always there. When her father got arrested I was the only one that knew and I helped her get through it. I did so much for her. Many people thought she was annoying and weird ect. I on the other hand understood her she was going through a lot and I stood by her side no matter what. Even the day she talked behind my back. Eventually we got older and boys came in our life she was in love with this guy and she swore he liked her back. I knew he didn 't because he was always talking about this other girl. One day I told her so she wouldn 't get her hopes up any more than she already had. Things happened she got all butthurt and cried, felt embarrassed, and didn 't want to talk to me. Our friendship ended there! That was her decision. My last words to her where just remember everything me

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