My Area Of Interest On Occupational Therapy Essay

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My Area of Interest in OT
My specific area of interest in occupational therapy is in pediatrics; learning disabled pediatrics to be exact. One reason is because I myself suffered from a certain type learning disability when I was younger. Another is because of all the variety of issues the kids of today are facing today, I feel like I can be more than just a therapist to help them I can be a friend. Finally in addition to helping the much needed kids with issues and disabilities, it would be extremely gratifying to see the parents at ease knowing their child or children are receiving the help they need.
When I was younger around the age of seven or eight years old I myself was diagnosed with ADHD; Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Of course at the time I had no idea, my parents never told me about my diagnosis. Which by the way I feel like it would’ve helped me to know about in order to better try and correct my problems. At the time I felt like the therapy and tutoring was all focused on improving my grades, which all nice and dandy but I didn’t care too much about getting good grades. Now if I would’ve been told I had a problem maybe I would’ve approached therapy in whole other way other than seeing it was “school on top of school” as I used to call it. So with all this first hand perspective I feel like I would definitely succeed in reaching the patients and getting them where they need to be; not only in kids with ADHD but in kids with different types of…

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