My Academic And Professional Goals Essay

787 Words Aug 9th, 2016 4 Pages
My Academic and Professional goals As I was in high school, I always dreamt of my life in college. Being in college is a magical experience. The college transforms you into a different person. Being in college also means developing the life that we want and creating a pathway to our dreams and future. It means creating your own way to travel to your dreams and goals. There are many academic and professional goals for me. I have many academic goals. First, I am taking Biology as my major because I want to be a doctor. I want to perform good in all of my classes. I want to make A’s and B’s in all my classes and I want to participate in volunteer activities in hospitals and medical related fields so that I can gain experience and that looks good on my resume for my medical school. I want to join student organizations in college that are related to my major or medicine so that I can gain some knowledge that can be useful for my future. I will also go to tutoring so that it can be easier for me to know my material. I hope to do good on my tests and finals. I will also be friendly and respectful to the faculty so that they can help me in many different ways such as writing me a recommendation letter or recommending to an internship or help me study for a test or a quiz. I will also ask questions to the faculty so that I can know what is happening currently in the field of academics. I hope to also make friends…

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