Mussolini Questions Essay

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Mussolini key points and answers
Explain why Mussolini was appointed as Prime Minister in October 1922.
• Liberal Italy had failed to win over the Italian nation – post-war debt of 85 million Lire, the
Mutilated Settlement, failure to deal with Fiume and 5 different Prime Ministers since
1917 – people turned to extremists as an alternative, such as the Fascists

• fear of communism by the Middle and Upper Classes in Italy after the Bienno Rosso and
increasing left-wing action – Mussolini was anti-communist and his squadre had acted
against the socialists.

the PNF had won 35 seats in the previous election after being invited to form part of the
governing coalition by Giolitti – seemed a viable political party and Mussolini
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Explain why Fascist Italy was intolerant of diversity
. Liberal Italy had allowed diversity and had been a failure in the eyes of many, offering
weak government, failures in foreign policy and economic problems

.the nationalism of Fascism led to racism, for instance the ethnic cleansing in Libya and
Abyssinia. Also, Mussolini was later influenced by Hitler’s anti-Semitism and the 1935
Manifesto of Racial Scientists identified an Italian ‘Aryan’ race.

Mussolini offered a dynamic, young, strong leader. He gained credibility and seats from
fighting the 1921 election as part of the government coalition. Fascism's broad ideology
appealed to the Italian people. The King was sympathetic to Fascist ideas and chose to
appoint him.

Italian coalition governments were weak and were severely…

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