How Did Benito Mussolini Gain Power

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Benito Mussolini and the Italian army killed over 300,000 people across the span of World War 2.(add footnote) The Italian army was an unstoppable force that quickly expanded across the world. Mussolini was the leader of the Kingdom of Italy, and his dictatorship was one of the main events that led to one of the worst wars in world history. Mussolini was taught at a young age how to resist authority, and he was kicked out of three different schools for bullying.(footnote) Mussolini eventually gained power, and became a tyrant that created fascism, as he was taught to do by his father. He led Italy into three wars where he
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At the time of 1919 a small group of people called arditi, attacked and vandalized the city of Milan. This event led to the Milan riots. The whole city was chaotic as several attacks would break out. At this time, Mussolini was a parliament deputy. He was striving to become a more superior power, but hasn 't been given the opportunity after communist, Francesco Misiano was elected dictator. This is when Mussolini saw an opportunity to take control. He started his own group of arditi and provided these men with weapons for the riots. Mussolini did not riot himself because he did not want to be arrested. Even though he was eventually arrested, Mussolini had gained men for creating his own branch. He viewed these attacks, known as the Milan riots, as a victory symbol, whereas the rest of the nation of Italy was being destroyed, and people were being hurt. Mussolini took the support he gained, and used it later when he was the lone ruler of Italy, and he eventually began to take over …show more content…
He convinced thousands unemployed Italians to move to the African colonies, and helped him construct plans for the invasion. Without Mussolini’s wise skill to convince people to do this, he may not have been strong enough to succeed in his invasions of Ethiopia. The Italian colonization had serious impact on the result of Italian power. Their colonization gave them enough power to join Hitler, and declare war on the Allied Powers. However, Mussolini desperately lacked in resources, and he had to go to more African countries to get what he needed. Because of this, Mussolini was not as prepared to go to war as Hitler was. His army didn’t join Hitler until after the war had already begun, and Hitler had already began his corrupt

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