Muslim Conquests And Invasions Of India Essay

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In the 1700s when the British came to India invaded, divided and conquered the country, India and Britain were equally just as developed as each other. Britain saw India as a highly lucrative business, and the only way they knew how to weasel their way in, was to take over politically. Muslim conquests and invasions were going on for years in India, because these cultures just could not unite as one. The first Muslim conquest was the Arab invasion of the Sindh region in 712 through 870 CE, and by 870 Arab armies conquered Southern Afghanistan but were prevented by Kings of Northern India and were not permitted to pass Khyber. The next invasion occurred in the late 10th century by central Asian muslim Turks, that were already established in Southern Afghanistan. Their leader Momod of Gozhi raided India seventeen times, his armies enslaved, looted cities and murdered people. As a result of all of the warfare, twenty million Indians died from 1000-1100 CE. These multiple attacks were ruining the prosperity of the country. Mohammad of Ghur, after many tries, defeated the Hindu rulers in the key city of Delhi, by 1300 his regime controlled the Sultanate, which then became under Muslim rule. Hindu rule continued in Rajasthan, and Gujarat under the Vijayanagar Empire. In 1504 Bober, and the Asian ruler of Timer seized Kabul, and overpowered muslim Sultan of Dehli and the Hindu Raj Confederacy and the Mughal Empire was created. For 200 years the Mughal Empire ruled India. Akbar…

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