Music Essay

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Part 1:
Is the topic too broad?
No, it is not too board because we are concentrating on the effect of music lyrics on a specific age group, which is youth.
Can the problem really be investigated?
Yes of course it can be investigated because teenagers nowadays get exposed to music more than ever before. So they can be observed and the results can be analyzed.
Can the data be analyzed?
Yes the data can be analyzed through content analysis of different kinds of music and music lyrics.
Can the results of the study be generalized?
Yes the results can be generalized because teenagers get expose do different kinds of music with different lyrics and I am not only examining one kind of music. I’m researching the effect of all kinds of
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RQ2: Does music lyrics have an effect on youth?
RQ3: What are the results? H1: the more youth is exposed to foreign concepts through music lyrics the more they lose their national identity
H2: Music lyrics have a great effect on youth because the subliminal meaning of the lyrics reaches them subconsciously.
H3: the consequences are often bad for the listeners since they don’t find a relation between what they listen to and the reality that they live in.

Methodological procedures:
Research type:
This was a qualitative research because by default it is supposed to measure the customer’s attitudes, behavior and performance toward a certain product.
Definition of the population:
The target audience was youth aged 13 – 25, males and Females From different backgrounds.
Sampling type:
Purposive sampling and random sampling, since I was targeting a specific age group but at the same time I wanted the respondents to be from different backgrounds and gender.
From the results of the survey, one could easily conclude that not all the respondents liked the same music type thus they were not all exposed to the same lyrics. However, a large number of them admitted that they have been affected my music lyrics at some point during their lives. This was due to the fact that almost 90% of the survey respondents memorized they favorite song’s lyrics. Also more than half of the respondents stated that they felt that the music

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