Music Therapy : A Classification Of The Treatment Arts Essay

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Music therapy is a classification of the treatment arts, which focuses on people needing interventions for chronic diseases and dementias ( Many gerontology specialists of the treatment arts collaborate to develop interventions to reduce patients’ pain, anxiety, clinical depression, and healthcare costs. The practice of music therapy has existed since Antiquity (i.e., Samuel 16:14-23). However, after the First World War, music therapy gained attention when doctors observed that war veterans who were listening and playing music were recovering more quickly than veterans who were not listening and playing music. Since 1953, the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) has grown in popularity as an alternative or supplemental intervention to the medical model in the treatment of cognitive, physical, and psychological disorders (
Ambient music is credited to George Owen Squier (1865-1934) for arranging music compositions for passive listening to change human behaviors. However, through technology ambient music is credited to the Muzak Corporation in 1922 (Bonds, 2006) as passive listening music for the public in most environments. Thus, if music therapy is palliative treatment for illnesses, then music should be a catalyst for healthy aging and quality of life.
Activity theory: suggests that successful aging involves three elements: (1) high mental and physical functioning, (2) actively engaging…

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