Persuasive Essay: Music Programs In Schools

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Music Programs in Schools Before I say anything about this topic, I need to give you some background on my life. I grew up without a father. After he passed away when I was three years old, I became very addicted to music. He was a dancer, so this was in my blood. I grew up in an elementary school where every student went to music class two days of the week and had a performance almost every season – four in all. Then my middle school was similar. Everyone chose if they wanted to do choir, band, or orchestra, but you were forced to do at least one. Then we had a performance approximately six times in a year. However, when high school came, you could choose to take music or art classes, but you didn’t necessarily have to. This is when I noticed that students stopped caring about their looks, they stopped caring about their grades, they stopped caring about their health. I was in the top show choir in the nation. I continued music all throughout high school. I was a straight A student, …show more content…
No matter how many arguments critics might have against my point, music is the best gift you can give to your students, your children, and yourself. Learning how to play an instrument or sing can help you remember information easier than any other sport can. Your mind will grow and be able to stay sharp as you grow older. Music programs help keep students out of bad situations by keeping them busy and exhausted after practices, forcing them to get done what they need to then go to bed in time for another day full of practices. In addition, music programs help students want to succeed by giving them a grade limit. No student wants to be embarrassed or thrown out because of one bad grade, especially not after all the hard work they have put into the group. This rule will keep students wanting to get good grades and accomplish tasks they never imagined they

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