Music Is A Important Aspect Of My Life Essay

1020 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
Everyone has a method of self-healing when they need help. Whether that be art or playing video games. Music happens to be my way of self-healing. Music is a very important aspect of my life. Since I was born, I have always listened to music because my family always exposed it to me. I believe music is a great way to heal and that lead me to choose the article, “The Healine Power of Music.” by William Thomas and Gottfried Schlaug for my essay. This article explains the healing powers of music and it can be used for disorders, therapy and other disabilities. When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD and turrets. During school, I always struggled to pay attention and my diagnosis prevented me from happiness. The symptoms I suffered from were, lack of motivation, random outburst, fatigue, and tics. These were very disruptive for my school and social life. However, music always helped lift my spirits. Whenever I was feeling depressed or frustrated with myself, I would listen to my favorite bands. I happen to adore metal music because the lyrics are motivation and up-lifting. Music always influenced me to try harder to pay attention in class because it always gave me a positive outlook. Many cultures have used music throughout history in order to help treat disorders. Music is a way of self-expression so that people can share their feelings through songs and sounds of instruments. I enjoy expressing my feelings through music because I sometimes do not like sharing them…

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