Music In The Elizabethan Era

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Elizabethan Music

Music has been around for many millenia. Given that, the Elizabethans enjoyed their fair share of music. They had music that would play in churches and they also had music that would play throughout shows in the theater. A lot of the time there would be festivals where musicians play at. Music was a large part of their society and they were known to celebrate music and use it for many different occasions. They had court music, church music, town music, street music, and even theater music (Lad 7-9). However, the most important use of music back then was in theater. The use of music through theater and the creation of new instruments played a vital part in the creation of music today.

Even though the Elizabethan Era was
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This is something the Elizabethans would do to enhance their plays. Elizabethans “also used music sometimes as a diversion from the main action in the play” (Encyclopedia). This is one way they could use music in the play or “Music created a certain mood in plays” (Encyclopedia), as well as the actors themselves. Depending on the type of play, tragedy or comedy, the play would be paired up with a song that suits it best. Most music “was reflected on the plays made by the famed William Shakespeare who had created more than five hundred poems and plays. Basically, the creations of Shakespeare were divided into three main categories which include Tragedies, Comedies, and Histories. As expected, each genre shows dissimilar emotions from one another” (Elizabethan-england-life). With these three categories there would be “dissimilar” music as well as the plays themselves. The most common types of instruments that are used theater are the Woodwinds, Horns, Drums, and Strings. The least common were the Piano and Organ. During the show there was three possible places the musicians would sit, “offstage in a music room above the stage, sometimes on stage or under it” (Encyclopedia). Most music would not have any kind or form of words and at the end of most Musicals they would do a Jig to end the show. The famous Shakespeare had also written a few musical pieces himself but

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