Case Study Henry Tam

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This case revolves around Henry Tam. A student at Harvard Business School who joins the Harvard Business School Plan Contest. The contest was established to prepare students for future challenges that would be presented to them in real world business situations. Harvard students Alex, Dav, and Dana all join Henry as part of the contest team.
Henry has identified Music Games International, MGI, as a company to partner with for the contest. The owners of MGI are Igor, Sasha, and Roman, former citizens of the Soviet Union whom immigrated to the United States.
Communication issues are prevalent, stemming from clashing personalities, diversity, and undefined roles. An us versus them mentality becomes present as the MGI Owners and Harvard Business
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It is suggested that they let go of this rift and get to know one another. The team needs to truly get to know one another outside of the work environment. They need to trust one another and come together as a cohesive unit. Having been through team building exercises in the past they are absolutely necessary to helping bring a group together for further success. Each member needs to know that every other members has an important role to play. That they are in this together as a group. They would also understand what it is important to the others, and why the others are interested in the success of MGI. I believe that the team building exercises would achieve all of the above. The diversity of the group should be leveraged as a benefit and not a hindrance. As a result from getting to know one another and developing a trust it is expected that the team would be able to find a unified front to help boost MGI.
Furthermore, the MGI team should come together and define the management structure of its organization. It is also necessary to identify someone as the key leader to get the contest group moving forward on its tasks. It is assumed that Henry would assume the role of leader as he shows the most consistent ability to lead. The rest of the team roles would need to be subsequently defined to help generate the follow of

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