Music And Music: The Influence Of Music

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Music is powerful in many aspects. It helps people to learn new things in this multicultural society. Also, music teaches about justice and injustice of the society, social problems as an individualist and collectivist perception, and it inspires people to broaden their creativity. In fact, music stimulated an individual cognitive development. I believed that music has the potential to influence and heal a person 's well being by enhancing the person’s mood.
There are many reasons for me to choose these two songs. One, I had personally experienced with domestic violence which lead me to this person I become. Second, I had helped many people with the same situation that I had when I was a kid. Third, I strongly believe that domestic violence
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Shears, “Tears in your eyes”, are relevant to social problems in the US today. The lyric within the music gave people different perspectives about domestic violence around the world. It educated people that domestic violence happen to anyone. Nickelback, “Never again”, is about a family where the father has a drinking problem. Every time he drinks, he loses his temper and becomes violent. The song was written through a child 's perception, witnessing his mother getting abused by his alcoholic father. The child is terrified that the mother will end up dead. The father has power and control over the relationship. At the end, the mother had enough; she grabs a gun and kills him instead. In the lyric, the abuser appears just sweet as he can; however, he has an anger issue underneath his skin. Domestic violence is more likely to be physically abused, assaulted, molested, or killed in their home instead of anywhere else. The perpetrator is usually the people we …show more content…
Music is a part of our culture. People defined music as entertainment and creativity. I define music as a social norm to be creative, expressive, and values such as culture has the same perspective. For example, music is a part of culture as entertainment and communication in today society. Music is a key component to culture. In history, music defined culture as a powerful force that has affected all aspects of person 's life. Music gives meaning to a person, expressed ideas, and beliefs of their culture. People can relate through music. The ideas and attitudes people have toward society can sometimes easily be defined in the lyric of the music. The lyric of the music is an expression of an emotion. For example, Taylor Swift’s write her own music based on her emotion to cope with her daily life activity such as break up song, friendship betrayal, and social media status. Music is important in culture because its soothe your emotion and feeling. It helps by taking away our stressed and worries in that exact moment. Also, it relief stress and boost your inner happiness, sadness, and angry

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