Essay on Music And Its Influence On African Americans

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Music is universal and is influential throughout the entire world. Music can come from almost anywhere, anyone, and anything. In fact, “Music has an important role in all human cultures and has been found to have direct and indirect physiological effects such as diminish stress, heighten feelings of relaxation and comfort” (Goshvarpour 11). According to Merriam-Webster 's Dictionary, music is defined as “vocal, instrumental, mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony” (Music). All of these characteristics are what make music very diverse, allowing it to cater to different aspects of our daily human lives. There are many different genres of music which consist of Jazz, Indie Pop, Rock, and Alternative, among others. In many cases, musical preference can differ mostly between different races, different regions, and different environments. A certain genre of music can be culturally based as well, and very impactful to people of that specific culture. For example, Hip Hop/Rap has a very strong influence on African Americans and their culture. Hip-Hop music thoroughly influences African American culture through the captivation of audiences by artists like Tupac Shakur. Although critics may argue that Hip Hop is pointless genre that promotes violence, Hip Hop in fact responds to the social, political, and societal issues of African Americans.
Hip Hop artistry, which is at times called hip hop or rap music, is a genre that incorporates rhythmic styles of music with the…

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