Music And Its Effect On Young People Essay

966 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
All over the world, music is a part of almost people that they can’t live without it. Classical music, folk music, non-lyrical music are some of the most beautiful kinds of music. Music can help people boosting their moods, encouraging, or refreshing them. However, everything always come out with two categories: “good and bad”. In recently world, music runs along with the trend taste of young people. The desires are increasing, so three quarters of the songs come out with non-sense lyrics songs, or violent lyrics songs. It causes the consequences that harm young listeners’ mind. Violent lyrics can make young people easily to have aggressive thoughts and feeling. It also increase the society’s vices. Moreover, the trends music songs can make young people forget traditional music, and lose the abilities to approach real music. With the trends of music nowadays, violent lyrics can make young people easily to have aggressive thoughts and feeling. The most two types of music have explicit language are rap and hip-hop music. These music types have the quality of being arrogant, violent, and high self-esteem. Therefore, it has significant effects on young listeners. Moreover, based on Violent Music Lyrics Increase Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings by American Psychological Association (APA), in a study show that even songs with humorous lyrics can increase aggressive thoughts and feeling on listeners. It’s about racism, and greed or desire. Furthermore, people can easily recognize…

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