How Does Rap Music Affect Teens

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Does Rap/Rock Music Provoke Violent Behavior in Teens? According to Kaiser, youth consume an average two hours a day listening to music. Throughout history, generations of humans, whether young or elderly have a special connection with music. Music is a unique way to bring people with various cultural backgrounds together. However, could it be that music is triggering violence in our society? Nevertheless, I strongly believe that music (specifically rock/rap) does not provoke violence in teenagers because it permits you to express your feelings, teaches about the real world, and it has its numerous positive effects on society. First off, rock/rap music allows teens to represent their personal thoughts, feelings, and frustrations. Also, the Prezi, …show more content…
For example, it prepares teens for the future. This is done through the lyrics of common rap/rock music by presenting the obstacles, pleasures, and corruptness in life that eventually every teen will face. In the article, "What Are the Positive Effects of Rock Music," the author makes a good point that music teaches teenagers the different lifestyles that create a diverse world. In other words, rap/rock music teaches youth about their culture and exposes them to new cultures that they might not normally be exposed to. Moreover, this genre of music portrays to teens the endless choices in life. In addition, in the article,"The Positive Effect of Rock Music & How It Affects Teenagers," it indicates that this is essential because it persuades teens to understand that the outcome of their life is up to the choices they make everyday. If they make quality choices they will have a positive lifestyle. On the other hand, if they make poor decisions they will receive negative consequences. To sum up, these benefits of rap/rock music lead youth to make beneficial decisions and be aware of the different surroundings in life so they can avoid

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