Music Analysis: The Beatles, Yesterday By John Lennon

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When someone mentions the 1960s, one of the many phenomenon people might think about is The Beatles. The Beatles’ history started in 1958 when John Lennon formed a skiffle group named the Quarrymen with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Stu Sutcliffe, and Pete Best. They played folk music with a hint of blues or jazz flavor. John Lennon was especially partial to Elvis Presley and Gene Vincent. Years later, the band eventually renamed themselves as The Beatles with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr as the official members. They started performing at clubs in Hamburg, Germany and eventually caught the eyes and ears of a local record merchant named Brian Epstein. Fascinated by their rhythm & blues covers of major artists …show more content…
The melody also stayed constant throughout the verses. Since Paul McCartney was the only vocalist heart in the song, the static harmony of the song blended in smoothly with the acoustic guitar, McCartney’s voice, and the melody to create a melancholic rhythm. The string arrangement in the instrumental sections reinforces the song 's air of sadness. The contour of the song generally stayed uniform as McCartney progressed from one verse to another. The texture of the song can be described as homophonic because the sounds are the same as the instruments and the voices move at the same pace. The form of the song can be easily be organized into two letters “a” (with two variations in verses) and “b”. The lyrics also greatly contributed to the overall desolate feel of the song. Perhaps one of the most iconic and powerful lines in the lyrics of the song is “Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play. Now I need a place to hide away. Oh, I believe in yesterday…” because it contributes to the yearning feeling the listener gets from the song as the lyrics tell the story of a man longing for the happier days of the past after a

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