Murderball Reflection

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Murderball is one of the most revelating sports movies that has ever been created. It begins with the introduction of all the participants for the paralympic rugby team for the United States. The movie Murderball shows the passion and enthusiasm the players have for the sport. But at the same time, is able to show that they, as men, are no different than any other human out there. The players are susceptible to love, loss, and the competitive attitude that comes with sport. In the reading, “From aww to awe factor” and “journal of visual culture” well illustrates the connections that the film Murderball is trying to get across to the audience. The movie is trying to eradicate the notion of Paralympic athletes as supercrips. “Journal of visual …show more content…
But in the film Murderball, the director is able to show the way these men interact with one another. One scene in the movie, the men are at a local watering hole and start talking to some woman. These women were actually very interested but did not know if the men were able to get an erection or not. Christopher Igoe, a paralympic rugby player, then comes in and tells the audience that one of the first things that happened after his accident was that he was able to have and maintain an erection(Murderball). This is relevant because the general consensus is that most paraplegics are not able to maintain or even have an erection. The chair does not define who they are or what they can do. Even if that means doing these activities a little differently, it all matters about the heart and soul of the men. This is also seen with the way the men act with each other: it is said that men are suppose to be tough and fight with each other and wrestle. Just because these men have lost the mobility of their legs and other parts of the body doesn’t mean that they ever stop doing these activities. Mark Zupan even says, “I don’t let this wheelchair hold me back from playing around with my wife, or wrestling with my friends”(Murderball). This is able to relate back to the reading “From Awww to awe factor” that these men are making themselves more relatable to the men around them. They are able do the exact same things other men are doing while also have to deal with a physical

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