Multiculturalism In Germany Essay

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As we approach the summer of 2016, the issue of immigration in the Western world has yet to lose momentum; whether Donald Trump is arguing to build a wall on the Mexican border in the U.S. or European parties against immigration are gaining traction, it’s become clear that opposition to multiculturalism is currently rampant. German chancellor Angela Merkel is under fire for the number of refugees being let into this country; but perhaps her actions are serving one of her oldest goals, true multiculturalism in Germany. In October of 2010, she declared that multiculturalism in Germany had failed; her disappointment in the nation’s efforts sparked many discussions concerning the country’s status, some were already examining this issue from different perspectives.
In the 2007 published Migrant Media, Kira Kosnick focuses on the impact
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In fact, her description of cultural discrimination in German radio adds thorough background for the examination of Turkish broadcasting; in addressing the perpetuated view of Turkish immigrants as guest workers, Kosnick explains why stations like Radio Multikulti are so difficult to make mainstream. Not only that, but one of her main arguments points to the Western difference in thought between “cultures” and “culture.” Although an idea of cultures and multiculturalism exists in Germany, it is not congruent with the idea of what “culture” is; to explain this, she mentions Kulturradio, whose name literally translates to “culture radio.” The significance of Kulturradio in the context of migrant media in Berlin is that almost exclusively features Western classical music; in a city where so many do not consider this music representative of their cultural background, Kosnick explains that the perception of “culture” as Western silences large portions of a multicultural

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