Essay on Multiculturalism And The Multicultural Literature

1439 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
When you see a class labelled “Multicultural Literature”, the first assumption is that the course is going to focus on literature that comes from multiple different cultures. While this is indeed what we read, dealing with multiculturalism in a classroom environment let us learn a lot about ourselves and our society rather than just about the books themselves. At the beginning of this class, we were asked to define culture as a way to see if we fully understood what it was we would be learning about. After reading Edelstein’s essay “Multiculturalisms Past, Present, and Future”, it was obvious that while we as a class had a general assumption of what multiculturalism meant, we had much to learn. The discussion that we had about the definition of multiculturalism gave credit to the importance of having such a class offered at a collegiate level. The multicultural literature class has many benefits that outweigh the potential consequences including allowing students to relate to multicultural characters in order to learn and also to learn from other students’ thoughts and experiences with the novels. One of the main concerns regarding multicultural literature courses is that they oversimplify cultures and people of that cultures’ experiences. While this is a rational concern, it is important to remember that these courses are being attended by many students who have their own different experiences and cultures. At the beginning of our class, the first instance of multiple…

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