Multicultural Critique

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Internet Multicultural Lesson Critique My neighbors in the apartment building I live have a lot of little kids, so I went around asking parents for their consent if their children could participate in a mini lesson regarding body image. I came across my lesson on regarding body image, it is called “What is Body Image”. This lesson is designed towards the grades of PreK-5th grade as long as you adjust to meet the standards in each grade level. Depending on the grade level the lesson can be used for subjects such as reading and language arts, social studies, science and health. Since the majority of my students were in kindergarten and first grade with the exception of two third graders that were willingly eager to participate, …show more content…
I can only imagine how this lesson would of turned out if I had an entire classroom, I was lucky to 9 students participate that was more than enough. Overall I felt I did an excellent job in introducing a new concept to these students. The majority knew the term body but they weren’t so clear as to what body image meant. Some of them had to really think what was their favorite part, guess they had never given much thought to it and if they did some of them didn’t know exactly why that was their favorite part. Of course with time and discussion we were able to find reasons why they loved certain body parts, some of the responses where “I like my long hair because its long and I can be Rapunzel”, “I like my hands because I can color”, “I like my arms because I can hold things”. I loved the lesson I chose because students were able to find similar interests among one another when they found out their peers liked the same body parts as them. In the future I would love to present this lesson with older kids so they can actually create a journal and reflect on their favorite body parts as to why they like that about themselves. This journal can help to boost student’s self-esteem as they can write on daily regarding what they love about themselves each specific day. I look forward to keeping this lesson so I can use it one day in my future as an educator, it is a great way to bring awareness towards body image and it also serves a friendly reminder to always have something positive to say towards their

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