Social Psychology And Multicultural Psychology

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Social Psychology studies about the ideas and the ethical norms of society (Fiske, 2010). Multicultural Psychology and Social Psychology have importance for our lives, and it makes what we are us. Is It a necessary understanding the aspects of the social and multicultural to identify us? Besides, each person knows the norms to he/she shaped by the influences of the society. In other words, Social Psychology has a lot familiar with the multicultural psychology, but social psychology has to focus more on all aspects in general of the society. Furthermore, social psychology tends to focus more on the moral and ethical behaviors in front to others, and multicultural psychology is more about the cultures and ethnic groups. After
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One of the differences is social psychology focus more on the ethical attitudes and moral what actions the person makes in front others. Furthermore, social psychology has to make observations and thoughts and ideas of each and multicultural focus on these factors with mix more cultures. The Multicultural is more for each has the different environments, varying, different roles and different cultures (Lott, 2010). Social psychology is a field that to encompass many aspects of the diversity of such cultural determinate for the individual identifier and cultural influences. Also, the forms of people to create their conclusions about the cause of the human behavior and how people are very attractive to focus on the relationships between different cultures. Meanwhile, multicultural psychology is more to evolving in the study the development skills that would help to be successful in the multicultural world (Keith, …show more content…
Besides, a point to understand what is social psychology to learn about how people are thinking about the culture, traditions, ideas and thoughts. For Instance, it has a lot influence ones to others to following the same things. The Multicultural is more how people can adapt to live with different cultures and people mix the two or more cultures to living with them. Meanwhile, a person can comply with each culture and how learning to live with them. Both multicultural psychology and social psychology have to focus on all about the culture that is a lot the representative for the people. These types of psychology are to understand what persons are coming from, and that can be part of the human evolution. If everyone can understand social and multicultural can understand that herself/himself behavior and its importance of the form each single individual shaped in a

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