Multi Cultural Beauty Essay

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Multi-Cultural Beauty

From the hourglass shape to the most exotic trends, the word beauty can drastically differentiate between different cultures. Often when individuals in the U.S. think about what true beauty is; this idea is molded by the media into features such as busty women and buff men. However, this word takes a different shape in cultures that are isolated from the U.S. media; some culture 's standards could even be considered exotic or extreme. For example, in China foot binding was a popular trend in standards and was considered beautiful. Additionally, places such as Thailand, Africa, and even Japan have these exotic standards which seem completely ordinary and casual to their cultures and sub-cultures. In essence, the ideals
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According to Abigail Haworth, in their cultural standards, big is beautiful and stretch marks are considered sexy. Now this upheld standard in Mauritania is seemingly less unusual to an outsider compared to long necks. Some people in the U.S. even share this view of fatter women to be more attractive, rather than being skinny; however, what makes it extreme is that according to Abigail Haworth, there was a young woman named Tijanniya who was forced to go to a camp where they force fed women to “feed them until their bodies blow up like balloons.” This is the extreme modular of this standard as they are forced fed without their consent in order to fit in with the standards. While some individuals might be standing here asking why would they do such a thing? The truth is that these women are afraid of not acquiring a husband and starting a family. This is what causes these camps to strive and live on as countless women are forced by their mothers and themselves to go just to fit into these cultural standards. Abigail Haworth mentioned, “’I was force-fed as a child. I vomited and suffered heartburn and diarrhea, but I gained weight fast,’ Zeinebou recalls, reclining in her ramshackle two-room home.” This reveals some of the unnecessary side effects that these women go through in order to fit into cultural standards. Unfortunately, these are not the worst parts of this culture, according to Abigail Haworth, “How do small girls eat these gargantuan amounts of food? ‘I 'm very strict,’ boasts Elhacen. ‘I beat the girls, or torture them by squeezing a stick between their toes. I isolate them and tell them that thin women are inferior.’” These camps are literally torturing the women in order for them to obtain the plump look necessary. This camp guard boasts about her effective methods of torture in order to force feed. In the culture of these women, this is a

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